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General Questions

Q : I heard about the STHS, what is it exactly?
A : The STHS, also known as SimonT Hockey Simulator, is a software that allow you to you to simulate a game or a full season of hockey.

Q : What is the STHS Client exactly?
A : The STHS Client is a free software which will is the utility of a director general to manage is team.

Q : Why should I choose STHS?
A : For its dynamism, its ease of use, its new unmatched features, it's dynamic website, is excellent customer service and moreover, STHS is fully updated with the new NHL rules and realities.

Q : What makes STHS better than the competition?
A : The STHS has been created to offer to the simulated hockey leagues community an opportunity to use a bugless quality software with better support which won't stagnate over the time (3000 hours and counting).

Q : What are the features of the STHS?
A : There's a bunch of them because its creator is really good at adding new. Click here to see all new features.

Q : I have many suggestions to improve the STHS, how can I put it on the hook?
A : All suggestions will be read with care and attention. There's a specific section on the forum where you are able to write them. Don't hesitate!

Q : Why do I need a website hosting company?
A : The STHS output a dynamic website in PHP that need to be host by a web hosting company. The STHS also come with a basic HTML 5 website but with limited functionality.

Q : How do I create/update my website?
A : You must use an FTP software like the FileZilla to manually upload the content of the Output folder to your web server. Courses on FileZilla are available on YouTube. The STHS also have a build-in FTP functionality using a third-party DLL call ‘FluentFTP’ for advanced user.

Q : Can I use a third-party website instead of default STHS dynamic website?
A : Yes, but you’ll received no support from the STHS owner, and you’ll end up with issues with the STHS in the long run because of the integration between the STHS and default STHS dynamic website.

Q : When should I update my version of the STHS and STHS Client?
A : You should update as soon as the new version is available, generally every 3 months.

Q : How to update the STHS or the STHS Client?
A : It's as simple that download the newest version and extract it over the previous files. Any setting (Registration, Last League File open, etc) will be keep.

Q : Can I install the STHS one more that 1 computer?
A : No, as written in the STHS License, the SimonT Hockey Simulator can only be installed once (1). If you run a league with multiples commish, each commish need to buy is own STHS License. If you run a league with two (2) computers, you need to buy 2 STHS License.

Q : How can I move my license to another computer?
A : Uses the Unregister option to unregistered your license on your first computer and register back on your new computer. You can used the unregister option 1 time per month maximum (12 times per year).

Q : I'm formatting my computer and re-installing the STHS. How do I process?
A : Uses the Unregister option to unregistered your license before formatting and register back after your reinstall Windows. You can used the unregister option 1 time per month maximum (12 times per year).

Q : I forgot to unregistered or I was not able to unregistered my licence from my computer. What can I do?
A : Send an email to the STHS owner with your registration name and postal address.

Q : Can the STHS owner asked me my registration number?
A : The STHS owner will NEVER ask you your registration number. You should never give your registration number to anyone including the STHS owner.

Q : How to know when a free update is release?
A : You have 4 options to keep track of when the free update is release: 1) RSS Feed, 2) STHS Mailing List, 3) this website main page or 4) the Forum.

Q : Is there a Mac OS X or Linux version of the STHS or the STHS Client?
A : The STHS V3 Client runs on Mac OS X 10.4 to 11.4 and Linux with the Projet Mono. However, there is no support provided for this configuration. But the full STHS doesn’t works on Mac OS X and Linux. Meanwhile, you can use a virtualization program like Parallels Desktop Parallels Desktop if you wish to use the full STHS on another platform than Windows.

Q : I’m having problem with general manager using the STHS-Client on Mono.
A : For the moment, We are unable to provided support for Mono.

Q : Will they be an iPad, iPhone or Android version of the STHS Client?
A : Unfortunately, no. IOS and Android demands different programming languages (Swift for IOS and Java for Android) that are not compatible with the programming language that the STHS uses (Microsoft .Net). Making a version for IOS and Android would take a long time (more than 1000 hours / 6 months full time) and right now, with my full time job and my family, I do not have enough time to learn two new language programming. Fortunately for you, since version 3.0.7, there is a web version of STHS Client that should from any device.

Error Message

Please look at section 11 of the manual for frequents errors.

More question?

Q : I still have some question about the product who are not answer by the manual, what should I do?
A : There's a section available on the forum for questions not answered by the FAQ.