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This list contains all the features currently program in the STHS version 3.

A demo version is be available with 2 limitations: it will be impossible to save your league and it will be impossible to create the file use by your general managers. You can also browse the default dynamic website of the STHS by cliking here.

Full Play by Play Game Engine:

  • The ability to used 4 differents simulation engine
  • Full Play-by-Play option lets you read exactly what happens in the game
  • Complete box score of each game, both professional and farm
  • The ability to simulate playoff for professional and farm
  • Coach can pull goalie at the end of game (Decided by general managers)
  • Forward lines are independent from defensive lines during game play
  • Specific coach strategy for each game lines and game wide
  • The ability for your general managers to adjust Ice time for their lines
  • The ability to simulate overtime 4 vs 4 or 3 vs 3
  • Option for the commish to tweak the game engine league with 8 options ; different option for professional and farm
    • How coach affect the game
    • How many fights per game
    • Team revenue per game
    • How many goals per game
    • How many injuries per game
    • How much team morale affects players
    • How many penalties per game
    • How many shots per game
    • How many hits per game
    • How many goals in power play per game (Simulation engine 2.1 only)

Major Features:

  • A very powerful dynamic website programmed including an online news editor in PHP based on a SQLite Database that allow very powerful analyst of your team’s and player’s statistics. You can see an Example here. If you don't have access to a webserver, there are also more than 45 HTML5 web pages available.
  • Multiple Players Rating Pack freely available in the download section
  • Free STHS Editor for your general managers to make their rosters/lineup that run on Windows, Mac OS 10.4 (Or more) and Linux
  • A web editor to make your roster, lines and transactions.
  • Option to make your own point system
  • The ability to have 1 to 6 divisions across 2 conference
  • The ability to setup your professional and farm rosters/lineups for the next 10 games
  • Complete history of team transaction
  • The ability to output coaches, goalies, players, professional team and farm team stats in CSV and XML format.
  • Multiple options to manage how players evolutes
  • Separate coaches for your professional and farm teams
  • Option to created your own overall formula
  • League creation using a fantasy draft
  • Automatic lifetime back up of your league files on your computer
  • The ability to created rivalries between teams
  • The ability to set rosters limits; different option for professional and farm
  • The ability to make contract offer for free agents and player with 1 year of contract remaining in the ‘STHS Client’ and load these offers in the simulator automatically.
  • The ability to make fantasy draft list and entry draft list in the ‘STHS Client’ and load theses lists in the simulator automatically.
  • The ability to simulate games with up to 25 players and 3 goalies
  • Separate schedules for professional and farm with unlimited number of possibility
  • FTP Upload and Download build-in the STHS and STHS Client
  • Option to run the STHS without human intervention from the command prompt. The STHS will load your league file, load your latest lineups, simulate, output your web site files, save your league files, upload your web site files and close itself.
  • The ability to change the playoff matchups (Manual Playoff)
  • The ability to have between 2 and 32 teams in the playoff by an incremental of 2.
  • Graphical Schedule Editor
  • Career statistics for players and teams

Others Features:

  • Automatically load lineups received from your general managers before your simulate your games
  • Players age is bases on birthday so it's update automatically
  • Option to set player salary different for each year
  • Contract Restriction (Play professional and farm only)
  • Option to make up to 5 level of capacity in an arena with different ticket price for better finance management
  • Option to have finance active for farm team
  • Each professional and farm team has 1 captain and 2 assistants.
  • Option for RFA (Restricted Free Agent) and UFA (Unrestricted Free Agent) age
  • Option to penalize players who doesn't play in there natural position
  • 6 different options for salary cap rules
  • The ability for your general managers to reset there team stats
  • Option for a minimum and maximum player salary
  • The abilities to have different Teams Popularity
  • League, team and player top 5 records for many stat categories
  • League wide auto roster and auto lines
  • Coaches have contract, salary and age like players
  • Ability to have revenue sharing from rich teams to poor teams
  • Abilities to send your GM email with Today’s Game result.
  • The ability to simulate an all-star game
  • The ability to edit multiple players at the same time
  • Full waiver system
  • Option for a luxury tax
  • Option for retirement
  • The ability for a player to play multiple positions
  • The ability to automatically analyze Automatic Free Agents offers
  • And much more!

Software Limit:

  • Maximum of 100 teams available
  • No players limit per teams
  • No prospect limit per teams
  • Maximum of 150 drafts pick per teams
  • Maximum 10,000 available players per league
  • Maximum 1,000 available goalies per league
  • Maximum 5,000 games scheduled per season
  • Maximum 500 available coaches per league
  • Maximum 10,000 available prospects per league
  • Maximum 100 available players/Goalies in waivers per league

System Requirements:

  • Windows® Windows 10 on Intel or AMD Processor
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7
  • 500 MB of available hard disk space
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Internet Connectivity
  • 1280 x 768 Screen Resolution or more recommend
  • Basic Windows® Knowledge
  • Basic Ftp Knowledge to make your league website
Important Note : The STHS doesn't run on Windows 8 RT or Windows 10 S Edition.
Note : The STHS V3 Client can run on Linux and Mac OS X (10.4 or more) using the Mono Project