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Post by hockeyis66 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:59 pm

Hello STHS World,

I am here to tell you about a new, growing hocking simulation league called the GOMHL - short for "Get On My Hockey League!" We are a simulation hockey league, similar to "Be-A-Pro" in the NHL games where you build a hockey player.


You can be any position, it's very simple to do, and very relaxed. Maximum work takes about 10 minutes a week, or you can contribute more to help the site grow. We've got a draft in place, free-agency and a scale for increasing attributes. We're heading into our 6th season and are looking to get more people interested in the same things we are. We're looking to bring in other hockey fanatics who want the "Be-A-Pro" experience that we offer, and would love to connect with more individuals.

Some Key Features:

Easy to understand, simplified design and orientation;

Focus on play and smart building - players DO NOT become the same at some point;

Team of engaged, hard working commissioners who are able to count on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (yes, that's what it's called) when needed;

Much more.

For more details, read below.

How does the GOMHL differ from other leagues of the same kind?

Our goal is not to compete against equivalent websites (such as the Simulation Hockey League or the Victory Hockey League), but to grow alongside them by adopting a different methodology and tackling two problems that lie at the heart of discussions about hockey simulation: lack of build diversity and excessive time demand. For that, we have the following characteristics:
A cap of 500TPE that stops anyone from maxing out their builds and forces you to build intelligently; TPE earning through an Activity Check and the Media section only (except for limited-time offers), so that people with busy schedules can have good players as well.

Are you interested? Then feel free to join by clicking here! http://gomhl.jcink.net/index.php

We are in the off-season right now, and will be for about another two weeks. Please, don't let that deter you from checking out the site! If you have ANY questions, PM a member.
Commissioners are purple names, GMs are green. Come join, and enjoy this awesome experience with us!


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