ANHS Expansion - Need 1 GM

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ANHS Expansion - Need 1 GM

Post by Président ANHS » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:46 am

The ANHS will be celebrating its 25th season with a 4-team expansion. We currently have 3 GM's lined up and we need a 4th one.

Here is what the ANHS has to offer:
- 18 years of simulation...24 completed seasons
- 20 (soon 24) team league
- Fantasy players, no NHL players
- The first league in STHS community to use the web client and any new improvements made to it for STHS
- Full active farm
- Junior league used to draft players
- AI player agent
- In-house player rerater
- eBay style based free agent manager
- Professional website
- Live draft
- Participation point system allowing you to improve your first drafted player each season
- And a lot more!

Expansion GM's will get to pick the name and logo of their pro and farm teams

If interested, email me at
Steff Thouin
Président ANHS Commish

18 ans / 25 saisons de simulation
18 years / 25 sim seasons

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