NSHL - 19th Year League With A Rare Opening

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NSHL - 19th Year League With A Rare Opening

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The NSHL is a couple of weeks away from beginning its 19th season and has one opening for a mature, active General Manager to take over our Colorado Avalanche franchise.

Admittedly, the team was run into the ground by the previous GM whose lack of activity really hurt the franchise (the GM was removed in the off-season for this very reason). There's a lot of work to do here, but is a challenging project for someone willing to take it on.

The league itself has 22 teams, with 21 active GMs. All teams use a Dropbox folder to access the STHS Client and share league files (the Rulebook, off-season negotiation spreadsheets etc.) and 3/4 of the league are in a Whatsapp group that makes drafting and trade talks a lot easier.

There are a variety of "extras" the league runs, including a pre-season tournament, a "King of the Rink" scoring tournament (think Champions League soccer but for players), and a Point Scoring Challenge tournament.

For more information on the league go to http://www.thenshl.com. If interested, e-mail jay@thenshl.com with a brief blurb about you and I'll get back to you to answer any questions.
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