Players without a contract being moved in the sim

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Players without a contract being moved in the sim

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I am using V2 and noticed for the last two seasons that when a player no longer has a contract and is a scratch in the AHL, when I turn the sim over to pre-season, all of those AHL scratches are automatically moved to Pro scratches by the sim.

This is causing me problems when I process league re-signings because now I don't know whether a player should be on the pro roster after re-signing or in the AHL. Our league rules are anyone 25 or older needs waivers to be in the AHL so this is causing me a lot of work having to load a backup file to review to make sure GMs aren't trying to sneak someone down without waivers.

Can you please let me know if you can script a fix for this so players stay on whatever scratched list, pro or AHL, that they were on when I turn the sim over from off-season to pre-season?


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Re: Players without a contract being moved in the sim

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Hi. Any players without an contract who fall into the RFA Free Agent are move to Pro Scratches. I'll change it for next version so Farm players are not moved to the Pro.
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