Team strategy, line strategies, lines trios, def duos and PP.

This area should be used by GMs from different leagues to share their experiences about things such as line combinations, which skills are good etc. / Ce forum devrait être utilisé par les DG de diffèrentes ligues pour partager leur expèrience à propos des combinaisons alignement, quel sont les attributs d'un joueurs les plus utilises etc.
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Team strategy, line strategies, lines trios, def duos and PP.

Post by Peeps » Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:51 pm

Hi every1. I wanted GM's opinion on my team, as i'm currently trying to win the championship in my STHS league.

I have a loaded offense, a good defense, and two number 1 goalies.

I wanted your opinion on these subjects:

Team wide strategy, line strategies, lines trios, def duos and PP.


Team wide strategy
I believe any hockey team in STHS needs a PHY presence to win over and over again. So I always put a point in the PHY categorie no matter if i'm losing or winning.


I have 9 forwards and 4 defensmen that check in my 12f 6d line up.


I read a lot of questions and answers here, and I believe it's better to have the PHY in the Wide Strategy instead of lines, because line are created base on the style of players you mix in one line. So a line of Kucherov, Stamkos and Point would be a 0-1-4 or 0-2-3. A line of Ovy, Backstrom and Wilson would be 1-1-3 or 1-2-2. One don't check at all and focus on offense. They other is offensive aswell, but brings checking by 2 players out of 3.

Because I play 1-1-3 if it's even, down by 1 and 2, am I missing an opportunity to put 4 OF ? I wouldn't put 1-0-4, because then the wide strategy doesn't include DF. I believe 1 is the minimum.

The PHY is important because it kills play in your own zone, can injured players and create turnovers for you. That's why I'm big on PHY.

I also know that Wide Strategy + line strategies combine to create a strategy of 10 points. So here's my lines.



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Re: Team strategy, line strategies, lines trios, def duos and PP.

Post by Peeps » Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:52 pm


So I came up with these lines because I tried as much as possible to follow what the manual says.

The decision is based on 5 skills:

Skating (Primary) and Puck Handling (Limited affect) are uses to decide if the players skate.
Passing (Primary) and Defense (Limited affect) are uses to decide if the players pass.
Scoring (Primary) is uses to decide if the player shot.

So, a players with 99 in the 5 skills has the same % of chance to shot to the net that a player who has 50 in the 50 skills.

I then constructed a graph to know which players was best and worst in the 3 main skills (SC, PA and SK). I added CK, because like you know by now, I believe it is crutial in winning. My strategy then consist on mixing guys primary skills on one line + always putting at minimum one player that checks well. Checking well for me is a skill of at least 70+. Around 70, if the player is tall and heavy it helps. I am more confident in a 6'3'' 225lbs 70 CK than a 5'10'' 175lbs 70 CK.


So it gave me this:


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Re: Team strategy, line strategies, lines trios, def duos and PP.

Post by Peeps » Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:53 pm

1st line: Jeff Carter is my best player. 81 OV. He takes a lot of shot. He is PPG. As you can see on the graph, he has the best SC and PA. He can play C and RW. I have Stepan and Kopitar at center only, so I prefer him on the wing, with the SC. He will be the SC on this line.

Stepan is a very good top 6 center. I put him there so he can benefit from Carter. That's the main reason he's on the first line. To create 3 amazing potential 1st line on my team. He's a 76 OV. Good SC and PA. He will be the PA on this line.

Meier is a rookie and he's well rounded for a rookie. For me he's a STHS' GM dream player. Big, strong, fast and good everywhere. He's a 74 OV. I put him there to complement the duo of Stepan and Carter. He is also my CK player on this line. By default, he will be my SK on this line.

My concern on this line, is that they all skate well. 85, 84 and 83. So Maybe Meier's impact will only be CK.

My view on it is that, Carter's SC is 89 and will outperform Stepan's 81 and Meier's 80. He then win the SC on the line.

Because Carter is the SC, it then becomes a battle between Meier and Stepan for the PA. Stepan win with 87 ov 80.

So Meier becomes the SK. He also CK on the line.

They all have 70 CK (Carter 69, but tall and heavy), so I believe that a 1-2-2 line was ideal. A very good offensive line, that will attack very well, defend well (69,70,77) and CK. I also think it's good to have at least one line like that in your line that can do it all.

It is also a question I was asking myself. If I put them on a 0-1-4 or a 0-2-3 line, without having no 1-2-2 line in my line up, would it be a good idea? That would gave me 3x big offensive line. I'd like to know what you think about that. For me, I put 1-2-2, because it's what these 3 players give me as a strategy. Maybe a 1-1-3? Because I don't know if 3x line of 0-2-3 is good. Or one line of 0-1-4 and two of 0-2-3 i'm not sure. I believe two lines of 0-2-3 and one 1-2-2 is good for the balance. You don't want all your team to do the same.

2nd line: Last year I had that same line as my 1st line, but with Kopitar as the center. The strategy was the same. Kopitar 83pts, Novotny 69pts and Couture 53pts. So because I want to put Kopitar with my worst top 9 forward (Pettersson), I put Bouchard this year. I believe it should work.

Bouchard and Novotny are good skaters but not as good as Couture. 79 and 80 for them, while Couture is a 86. So Couture is the SK.

Bouchard is the best PA with 89. So Bouchard is the PA.

Novotny then becomes the SC. He is also the CK.

3rd line: Kopitar is my best player with Carter. I consider them equal. I don't want them on the same line, except on PP. Because I have two good rookies this year, I wanted to put them with Carter and Kopitar. So Kopitar is on the 3rd line, and I believe it's unreal to have such a superstar on the 3rd line. But it's the luxury I have this year, and that's why I believe I can win the cup this year.

Kopitar is mainly there to be paired with Pettersson, my worst Top 9 forward. (59 CK, 66 ST, 63 DF and is listed as 6'2'' 176lbs) So from what I know from the STHS, is that he is tall but skinny. Don't check at all, have a bad defense skill and bad ST. You combine all of that, and he will create turnover often, get check often, lose puck battle, may get injured etc. Not fun. But I'm no fool lol, Pettersson is a franchise player. I love him 100%. It's just that as a coach right now, I need to find him a perfect situation so he can strive. Right now, he is not good to play center (76FO) and is still slim. So I prefer to have him on a line with two mastodon that can check and produce offense. That's why he is with Lupul and Kopitar.

Also I believe that yes Lupul (77OV) and Kopitar (79OV) could easily be in my Top 6, instead of Meier and Couture/Stepan, but like I said, I was able to have this wonderful Top 9 for a championship and I believe it's more important to have 3 big offensive lines than 2 big lines and one good line.

So Kopitar is my best PA and the center, so he will be the PA.

Pettersson is my best SK, so he will be the SK.

Lupul then becomes the SC. He is also the CK.


So I tried to explain my thinking the best I could here. I'd like to know if you would have others ideas for potential line with strategy. I am curious. Right now I like these lines and strategy and I don't see why it shouldn't be working. Thank you.


For the defense I am more comfortable with my duos. I feel it's easier since it's 6 players instead of 9, and it's combos not trios.

I still try to follow the manual for this one. I like to put the classic, one offensive d-man and one 2-way or defensive d-man.

1st pair: Brodie is my go to guy for offense from the back end. He's coming back from a 68pts season. 75SC, 87PA, 80PH and 87 DF. For me he's more than a offensive d-man. He's more of a dynamic 2-way d-man. He's not big, doesn't have the best ST with 68 and 50 CK. But all of this is ok because he produce points year in, year out. I'm ok with it. I pair him for that reason with Esa Lindell. Lindell is all that Brodie is not in the CK, ST and size. I feel it's a really powerfull combo. Lindell is also 90DF.

So Brodie is my SC, PA guy on this duo.

Lindell is my SK, CK and DF guy.

2nd pair: Staal's spot. Same thing as Kopitar and Carter. I don't want them on the same duo (Brodie). I want them to benefit other player. So Staal is as strong as Kopitar and Carter in term of OV. He's also the leader of this team with Kopitar ''C'' and Carter ''A''.

Staal is complete. He can do it all. CK, SK, ST, PH, SC, PA, DF, LD and EX. I pair him with my lowest D, Maatta a 72 OV. Maatta produced 34pts last season. So he can be good. Maatta is a low 70 in the SC PA DF. But a better skater than Staal. He also has a very good ST with 81. So he will block shot. I believe it boost it's DF. He has a good size also.

So Staal is the SC PA DF CK guy in this duo.

Maatta is the SK.

3rd pair: I got Orlov there, a 80 DF, 75 CK, and very heavy size. I pair him with Werenski, my best skater. Werenski is also better than Orlov in the SC PA.

So Orlov is the DF CK.

Werenski is the SC PA and SK.

My strategy is 0-3-2 for the first duo, 1-2-2 for the 2nd and 3rd.

I want them to attack and defend the same. Also want them to check. Be a complete pair. I remove the 1pt CK from the 1st duo, because Brodie is small and has 50CK. It wouldn't benefit him. The Wide Strategy already gave him 1pt anyway. They can focus on shutting down the top line I guess 40% of the time.


Now my PP.


I want to put my best SK SC PA on the same line.

My best SK is Pettersson, my best SC is Carter and then the best PA is Kopitar (Kopitar 90, Carter 91). I feel that's the way to do on the PP?

Then the duo on the blue line is Brodie and Werenski. Brodie is my best offensive d-man, but has 81 SK, so I pair him with another good offensive d-man, but with 90 SK.

Brodie is the SC PA and Werenski is the SK.


Same concept for the 2nd PP.

I did this for one game, and got 1 for 8 on the PP. I feel another goal would have been nice, but at least a goal is good. But I lost the game. So not good.

Should I put the d-man on the same strategy as my forward? 0-0-5 for all ? Or put everyone on 0-1-4? Or stay put?

Should I insert Novotny or Lupul on the 1st unit to CK? Roll on 4F and 1D ?


My record is 1-3-2. I believe it's not acceptable with the team I have. I put this line up for one game so far and lost 3-2 against a team that shouldn't do the playoff. That's why I came here. I feel I did all the right thing, as building the best team possible under a 70M cap, understand the manual as best as I can, try to match players with the SC PA SK theory and adjusting strategy for them.

If you see something that you feel I do wrong, please don't hesitate to write something. It could help not only me, but a lot of GM that has the same problem as me. I see some post here that goes above 1000+ views. So a lot of GM come here. It could become a post that could be a general helper for everyone!

Thanks in advance.

Aussi, je suis francophone, mais je voulais faire le poste en anglais pcq c'est plus simple. N'hésitez pas à répondre en français ;-)

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Re: Team strategy, line strategies, lines trios, def duos and PP.

Post by Savard » Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:59 am

Thank you for this lengthy post! Very interesting thoughts! Unfortunately I don’t have much insight to offer, since I spent the last months investigating the 2.1 engine and proper ratings for the engine. But I think I will incorporate your ideas into my teams next season and maybe I can give feedback then!

Maybe someone else has ideas too?

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