In season trades

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In season trades

Post by bleener »

Hey all,

Do in-season trades negatively affect your teams performance?

For two straight seasons, I have started the year quite well and first place in the division (after 20 games or more), only to start trading (because it's fun) and improving my team, and then have my team start to go downhill in performance.

Has anybody else have this happen or have any tips? I am still trying to figure out this sim and how to do well with it.

Thanks in advance for the looks and replies.

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Re: In season trades

Post by Marc the Habs Fan »

Yes. This is a common issue during a season.

It comes down to 2 things:

- The Morale (MO) aspect. First, for the player you are adding. If it's very low since he was on a team that was struggling and selling as a result, it could hurt a team doing well to bring in a low MO player. Second, if you are adding a player(s) to your team and suddenly you have 2-3 healthy scratches, the scratched players' MO will tank and it affects your team's MO.

- Are you adding a player who fits (chemistry wise)? In 2016-17, my team was slumping badly in Dec-Jan after a hot start. I realized I was lacking PA and CK up front. I added Johan Franzen because of his quality CK, high PA and EX rating. My team took off and went to the Finals. But if your a team with a lot of scorers, and they are doing well, adding another player with high SC is often pointless. You must find the right mix.
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