Test rating discovery

This forum should be use to discust players ratings. / Ce forum devrait être utilisé par discuté des côtes des joueurs.
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Test rating discovery

Post by GMHLcommish » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:45 am

I've been with simon T for many years with a few different leagues and never been satisfied with any results. So I spent a very long time trying to figure out the simulator.

Here's the summary V2.1 but I assume same for all version:
-Most ratings don't make a bit of difference except Skating (inverse) Passing (inverse) Scoring and PH
-Scoring rating is by far the most important rating.
-Passer rating is at least somewhat inverse.
-Skating is inverse
-PH is important

I have a line with McDavid, Tarasenko, and Panarin. With our normal ratings provider who says he has the best ratings available had Mcdavid with passer rating of 99, Tarasenko with Passer rating of 86 and Panarin with passer rating of 92. Their scoring ratings were 85, 96 and 88 respectively.

I ran this sim multiple times and this line never produced anything much more than a PPG.

I then moved this line's passer rating down to 5 points under their scoring rating while keeping all other ratings the same and ran multiple tests.. The results? Always above 140 points each between tarasenko and McDavid as well as 15 more overall points in the standings.

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