NHL2 and NHL3 looking for GMs

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NHL2 and NHL3 looking for GMs

Post by NHL2 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:09 pm

The Penguins, Avalanche and Islanders are available in NHL2. The Avs and Isles were recently added through expansion.

http://www.nhl2sim.com/File/2017-PreSea ... oster.html

The Canadiens, Canucks, Red Wings and Wild are available in NHL3.

http://www.nhl2sim.com/File/NHL3/2016-R ... oster.html

NHL2 has been around since 1997 and is currently in the off-season with the draft completed and free agency to come. NHL3 is in its fourth season. Both of our leagues have great GMs. Ratings are based on real NHL performance. We do everything through the message board.

Rules - http://www.nhl2sim.com/File/NHL2PARules.html

We've just recently moved away from using the portal so this main page is very fresh:


If you're interested, please apply through the contact link on the page above or by e-mailing tfpizzati@gmail.com


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