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Version 2 History Archive

SimonT Hockey Simulator V2


Version History

18 Mars 2018
  • Fix an issue where you could have a “General Error” when simulating multiple days in row when you had a rest day in the days in row.
  • Fix an issue with the “Up– All Round” “Down – All Round” button where your pick could raise or drop by 1 round.
  • Fix an issue with the Farm Finance where Attendance League Ticket Price was not account for in the formula to decide the number of attendances in the league.
  • You now have a buyout windows prompt when firing coach.
10 October 2018
  • Creation an option call “Connect to FTP via SSL/TLS” to allow the connection to FTP servers to be encrypt.
  • Fix an issue in Automatic Test where Player and Goalies CSV would show the same number all the time. The number was their last season stat.
  • Fix an issue in the Entry Draft Ordering when you already start your entry draft where player didn’t show correctly in the output.
  • Fix an issue in the Income Divider function when your team had more than 2,1 billion dollars in total money.
  • Fix an issue where Manual Playoff will not work if your farm league was disable.
  • Fix an issue win the Edit Schedule function here if you add day to your playoff, it could cause issue.
  • Fix an issue with the Team League Record were some record were not added in the list if they beat record #6 to #10 of the current record.
  • Fix two issues where some Farm Playoff Title were incorrect because some information process as coming from the pro team instead of farm team.
  • Sending a player to the scratches should not reset is Goal/Point Streaks Slump.
  • When a player contract is over, his previous salary average is now reset to 0.
21 Avril 2018
  • Fix a very rare bug where you could have unknown players in overtime if your league minimum forward was lower than 9 and your GM didn’t fill some blank in the custom over lines up.
  • Fix a very rare case where if you have team eliminated from the playoff with a tie-break without the “E” Playoff Title AND you didn’t output the website between ending your season and starting your playoff, those team wouldn’t be available for lottery.
  • Fix an issue where a player wouldn’t shoot in shootout if he already had a penalty shot in the game.
  • Fix an issue where in Game Penalty Shots was count as Powerplay Attempt and Penalty Kill Attempt.
  • Fix an issue where the “Use Date Instead of Now for Age Calculation option” in Output Options - General #2 has no effect at all on the free agents output if the same option is turned on in League Options - League #3 in the Free Agent Output.
  • Fix an issue with the FTP Download if the local folder didn’t exist anymore.
  • Minor Improvement to the Finance Output for 1 Way Contract Salaries.
  • The transaction log when a player’s sign a new contract has been improved to show more information.
11 November 2017
  • Fix a very minor issue where when importing a pre-season, the simulate menu wouldn’t be update to show "Start Pre-Season" instead of “"Start Season".
  • Fix an issue where Farm Team Conference Name would not incorrect in some case.
  • Fix an issue where the players buy-out release during pre-season would be calculated based on remaining pre-season schedule instead of full salary.
  • Fix an issue where you would have error if your “Unknown Player” had more than 65,535 Star of the Game.
  • Fix issues where Question Popup answer wouldn’t be taken in account.
  • Improve the Standing Title Algorithm
  • The “Pro Salary in Farm / 1 Way Contract Salary Cap” option was move in the “Salary Cap Option” section.
6 August 2017
  • Fix an issue with the Tie Breaking Rules for very rare and specific case.
  • Fix a minor issue in the Team Finance where unknown players show in the Farm Players’ Salaries with 0$.
  • Fix an issue where a team would show to have clinched a playoff spot when it was true. This issue only happens at the end of your schedule when your first eliminated team has finished its season.
  • Fix an issue where Expansion Draft assignment would assign a 1 year contract with the minimum salary if the draft player didn’t have a contract.
26 Avril 2017
  • Fix a small issue with the function that show Player Salary Cap Hit in the Team Roster windows.
  • Fix a very minor issue with the “Allow Edition” button in the Edit Players windows when you had the “Full Ratings” option disable.
  • Fix an important issue where the Graphic Schedule Editor use in the Playoff would cause you to miss the simulation of 1 day and causing your playoff to be mess up.
  • Fix an issue introduced in 2.3.7 with the BoxScore showing the number of assist when the game where exhibition or All-Star Game.
  • Fix an issue where the ‘Pro Salary in Farm / 1 Way Contract Salary Cap %’ also impact how much the players was paid.
  • Fix an issue where the Farm Team Line where showing Pro Scratches instead of Farm Scratches.
  • Fix an issue with the Goaler XML Output regarding 3 Star.
  • Fix an issue with the Test FTP Connection Button and create more FTP test button.
  • Fix an issue with the Test FTP Connection Button.
  • Fix multiple graphical issues in the All-Star Lines Windows.
  • The 3 Star Formula has been improved for simulation engine 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1.
  • The Players and Goalies XML now show salary for the next 10 years.
6 January 2017
  • Fix a small issue with the Draft Pick Year Information in the XML.
  • Fix a very rare issue where Partial Auto Lines Function was not fixing the Line Time % after you change your league maximum Time %.
  • Fix a visual error in the Lines up windows where players where show and they shouldn’t.
  • Fix an issue in the Legacy HTML Top 5 Webpage where the order was GAA but the data show PCT. Now, everything is now GAA.
  • Fix an issue when you had more than 32,000 league transactions or team transactions.
  • Fix an issue where the "Reset Pro Team Popularity" and "Reset Farm Team Popularity" manual commands were not available.
  • Fix an issue where the option “Remove ‘Exclude Salary Cap’ at 95 of Condition” was not apply correctly in the off-season.
  • Fix an issue where you couldn’t put 0 in the “Pro Salary in Farm / 1 Way Contract Salary Cap %” option.
  • Fix some English grammatical error.
  • The Box Score now show the number of assists had when he had a new one. For example, before “Team 11 , Jiri Hudler 1 (Andrew Ladd, Jacob Trouba) at 2:29”; now “Team 25 , Tyler Johnson 23 (Marian Hossa 17) at 18:18”
  • The STHS and HTML website now show the difference between those two free agents type : RFA (Restricted Free Agents) versus ELC (Entry Level Contract).
10 September 2016
  • Add a new option call ‘Fatigue doesn't count as Injuries’.
  • Fix a couple of small issue regarding file extension.
  • Fix a minor issue with the "Pro All Player Stats" HTML output where Skaters listed in the "Pro Players Stats #2" section have farm team abbreviations instead of pro team.
  • Fix a rare issue where you could have error simulating when simulating multiple games in row.
  • Fix an issue in the Automatic Free Agents function when you try to sign an Unassigned Player who already has a contract setup.
  • Fix an issue on how the “Pro Players Total Salaries” was calculated when you had players with 1 way contract.
  • Fix an issue where the “Update on Date“ was not showing on HTML webpage.
  • Fix an issue where the option “Remove ‘Exclude Salary Cap’ at 95 of Condition” was not apply correctly in the off-season.
  • Fix an issue with the “Farm Team Players Info” Output where the Top Link menu was showing Pro Team Name instead of Farm Team Name.
  • Fix an issue with the Team History Cleaner were timestamps not correctly roll over.
  • Fix an rare issue where some finance calculated would be incorrect for some players in the off-season if they have 0 year left to their contract and the “Pro Salary in Farm / 1 Way Contract” was enable for them.
  • Fixed an issue in all simulation engines where "Checking from behind" and "Unsportsmanlike conduct" penalties were always major penalty for goalie.
  • Modify the Rerate Formula for Goalies because the current formula was given little or no rating change.

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