Beginner tips

This area should be used by GMs from different leagues to share their experiences about things such as line combinations, which skills are good etc. / Ce forum devrait être utilisé par les DG de diffèrentes ligues pour partager leur expèrience à propos des combinaisons alignement, quel sont les attributs d'un joueurs les plus utilises etc.
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Beginner tips

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I am new to the world of Sim Hockey, I've previously played other hockey games but nothing like STHS before. I've just joined a league and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for players who are new to this world?

Are there any key things in the latest engine that are important to know with regards to which player ratings to pay attention to? Obviously I'm not looking for a 'blue print' on how to win as finding that out is the most fun part of these MP leagues but the rating scheme seems different from a lot of other games I've played so any jumping off point would be appreciated

Also, I'd noticed in the CSV files that there is a rating for 'potential' for each player, what is that used for? As my current league uses NHL players that are re-rated based on real life performance. This POT rating doesnt match up to the OVR rating seen below either, so it left me a little confused as to what to make of it.

Thanks in advance!
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