How to maximize high PA winger with high SK?

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How to maximize high PA winger with high SK?

Post by Marc the Habs Fan »

I am curious to see how other GM's have managed this, especially with the 1.5 version.

Player profile:

Winger with very high PA, very high SK and a SC of around 76-78.

It just so happens I have 2 wingers in Marner and Fiala who have this specific profile...last year Fiala was a SC first player but that flipped with his NHL season. And I've struggled for years to get Marner to the 90-100 point range he should be in...

Usually a line should be constructed this way.

You need a high PA Centre
You need a high SC winger
You then need the other winger to have a high SK

How should one proceed when you have not one but two wingers who have a huge PA rating with high SK rating?

Look for a very high SC centre and another winger with a high SK who has a lower PA than the winger and lower SC than the centre? The problem is this player type is very rare, especially at centre. And to find two of them seems like a tough task. Eager to hear some thoughts on how GM's have built succesfully with 1 or 2 such wingers (maybe the answer is you can only have one).
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Re: How to maximize high PA winger with high SK?

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Move them around the lineup until they find success..... Good luck, I have not found a true recipe that always works better than what I just said.... I also use 1.5
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