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Version 2 History Archive

SimonT Hockey Simulator V2


Version History

16 May 2021
  • The FTP features were removed from the STHS Version 2. If you need FTP features, please update to version 3.
  • In the standing Output in both the legacy HTML, I had a column call “RW” because in the 2019 Tie-Breaking Procedure, the second Tie Breaking is “The greater number of games won, excluding games won in Overtime or by Shootout (i.e., "Regulation Wins"). This figure is reflected in the RW column.”
  • The STHS is now build with Visual Studio 2019.
  • Increase the number of players on the waiver at the same time to 500 from 100. If you have more than 100 players on waiver at the same time and used a previous version of STHS or STHS Client, you lost information.
  • Fix an issue where you could have an error with the Manual Playoff.
  • The STHS will now warn you when your website is not fill when opening your league file.
  • Add a new Bonus feature “Players’ Salaries Import by CSV” where you load basic contract information by CSV. See the manual for more information.
  • Fix a cosmetic issue in the Legacy Finance pages when you were using simple salary cap
  • Fix an issue introduced in 2.3.15 where you could have an error in your output because of multiple thread.
  • Fix an issue with the Waiver Claim function.
  • If you run the STHS by command line, you can now have two arguments in command prompt if the first argument is your league file location; the second argument can be Auto or LoadOutput.
  • Rename the option “Disabled Multiples Lines in Row” to “Disable ability to make roster/line for day next games”
  • Fix a rare issue in Manual Playoff where your home ice advantage could be wrong.
  • Fix an issue where PA and SC were swapped in the OV formula for offensive defensemen.
  • Fix an issue where Playoff XML were not created.
  • Fix an issue where the “Minimum Forwards” for farm was enforce in the Check Farm Line for the extra OT section.
  • Fix an issue with the Retire Player when starting your off-season.
  • In the manual, the manual command section was order by section to make it easier to find command.
  • Remove trade restriction when in the off-season mode for minimum and maximum number of players.
4 July 2020
  • Add the Original Draft Team label in the prospect Windows.
  • Fix a small issue where the “Please Wait” windows will not close when loading a file using the command prompt.
  • Fix an issue when running the STHS using the “Auto” Command prompt when you were in off-season mode.
  • Fix an issue where mass edition of player Condition will delete the value containing the injury details if player condition is still under 95.
  • Fix an issue where signing a player back to their current erase the captaincy and jersey number for that player.
  • Fix an issue where some Farm Legacy HTML output were created even when you have farm deactivated.
  • Fix an issue where the Entry Draft HTML webpage would be output in the season when doing an automatic output.
  • Fix an issue where the SalaryCapPerDays and ExpensePerDay in the XML would off a couple of hundred dollars.
  • Fix an issue where updating ratings in offseason with "Send Players Not Updated to Prospect List" would breaks the V3Prospects.csv output.
  • Fix an issue where when you simulate multiple game in row or a full season, if you had rest day in your schedule, your players would get paid twice on that days and this would crease issue for your salary cap and year to date expenses value.
  • Fix an issue where you activate a prospect (Where the players/goaler information already exist in the players database), the original draft team information did not follow.
  • Fix an issue where you could assign the same jersey number to a goaler when it was already assigned to a players.
  • Fix an issue where you could have a general error when output the HTML Legacy Farm Standing after deleting a team from your league.
  • Fix an issue where you could have an endless error loop while updating file using the STHS build FTP.
  • In the Entry Draft Windows, I had a new option to allow you erase all prospects.
  • Modify the Free Agent Salary Request Feature to make the contract duration more realistic.
  • This version of the STHS is running on .Net Framework 4.7
  • When updating players rating, you now have the option to skip the Rookie Status and send the players not updated to retirement instead of sending them to prospect.
10 October 2019
  • Create a new option call “Tie Breaker 2019 Rule” to apply NHL Tie Breaker for 2019. The previous option “Tie Breaker Rule: SOW doesn’t count” was rename “Tie Breaker 2010 Rule”.
  • Fix a very rare issue in the Playoff where the Home Advantage would be incorrect in the Conference Final if the Wild Card Teams had more points in the regular season when the other teams in the playoff.
  • Fix an issue in the Legacy Team Finance in the ‘Pro Players Salaries’ section where some 1 Way Contract Salary Cap could be negative. If this cosmetic bug only.
  • Fix an issue with the Mass Edition where you couldn’t set coaches contract to zero.
  • Fix issues with the Mass Edition when updating players salaries. Now, it asks you if you want to update all years or only year 1.
  • In the “Rerate Difference”, the OV value will now show if it’s increases or decrease like all the other stats.
  • Reduced the number of general fights in simulation engine 1.1 and 1.5 when you had rivalry
  • The “Import Prospect by CSV” option was split into sub option: ‘Name and Team Only’ or ‘All Data’.
18 Mars 2019
  • Fix an issue where you could have a “General Error” when simulating multiple days in row when you had a rest day in the days in row.
  • Fix an issue with the “Up– All Round” “Down – All Round” button where your pick could raise or drop by 1 round.
  • Fix an issue with the Farm Finance where Attendance League Ticket Price was not account for in the formula to decide the number of attendances in the league.
  • You now have a buyout windows prompt when firing coach.
10 October 2018
  • Creation an option call “Connect to FTP via SSL/TLS” to allow the connection to FTP servers to be encrypt.
  • Fix an issue in Automatic Test where Player and Goalies CSV would show the same number all the time. The number was their last season stat.
  • Fix an issue in the Entry Draft Ordering when you already start your entry draft where player didn’t show correctly in the output.
  • Fix an issue in the Income Divider function when your team had more than 2,1 billion dollars in total money.
  • Fix an issue where Manual Playoff will not work if your farm league was disable.
  • Fix an issue win the Edit Schedule function here if you add day to your playoff, it could cause issue.
  • Fix an issue with the Team League Record were some record were not added in the list if they beat record #6 to #10 of the current record.
  • Fix two issues where some Farm Playoff Title were incorrect because some information process as coming from the pro team instead of farm team.
  • Sending a player to the scratches should not reset is Goal/Point Streaks Slump.
  • When a player contract is over, his previous salary average is now reset to 0.
21 Avril 2018
  • Fix a very rare bug where you could have unknown players in overtime if your league minimum forward was lower than 9 and your GM didn’t fill some blank in the custom over lines up.
  • Fix a very rare case where if you have team eliminated from the playoff with a tie-break without the “E” Playoff Title AND you didn’t output the website between ending your season and starting your playoff, those team wouldn’t be available for lottery.
  • Fix an issue where a player wouldn’t shoot in shootout if he already had a penalty shot in the game.
  • Fix an issue where in Game Penalty Shots was count as Powerplay Attempt and Penalty Kill Attempt.
  • Fix an issue where the “Use Date Instead of Now for Age Calculation option” in Output Options - General #2 has no effect at all on the free agents output if the same option is turned on in League Options - League #3 in the Free Agent Output.
  • Fix an issue with the FTP Download if the local folder didn’t exist anymore.
  • Minor Improvement to the Finance Output for 1 Way Contract Salaries.
  • The transaction log when a player’s sign a new contract has been improved to show more information.
11 November 2017
  • Fix a very minor issue where when importing a pre-season, the simulate menu wouldn’t be update to show "Start Pre-Season" instead of “"Start Season".
  • Fix an issue where Farm Team Conference Name would not incorrect in some case.
  • Fix an issue where the players buy-out release during pre-season would be calculated based on remaining pre-season schedule instead of full salary.
  • Fix an issue where you would have error if your “Unknown Player” had more than 65,535 Star of the Game.
  • Fix issues where Question Popup answer wouldn’t be taken in account.
  • Improve the Standing Title Algorithm
  • The “Pro Salary in Farm / 1 Way Contract Salary Cap” option was move in the “Salary Cap Option” section.
6 August 2017
  • Fix an issue with the Tie Breaking Rules for very rare and specific case.
  • Fix a minor issue in the Team Finance where unknown players show in the Farm Players’ Salaries with 0$.
  • Fix an issue where a team would show to have clinched a playoff spot when it was true. This issue only happens at the end of your schedule when your first eliminated team has finished its season.
  • Fix an issue where Expansion Draft assignment would assign a 1 year contract with the minimum salary if the draft player didn’t have a contract.
26 Avril 2017
  • Fix a small issue with the function that show Player Salary Cap Hit in the Team Roster windows.
  • Fix a very minor issue with the “Allow Edition” button in the Edit Players windows when you had the “Full Ratings” option disable.
  • Fix an important issue where the Graphic Schedule Editor use in the Playoff would cause you to miss the simulation of 1 day and causing your playoff to be mess up.
  • Fix an issue introduced in 2.3.7 with the BoxScore showing the number of assist when the game where exhibition or All-Star Game.
  • Fix an issue where the ‘Pro Salary in Farm / 1 Way Contract Salary Cap %’ also impact how much the players was paid.
  • Fix an issue where the Farm Team Line where showing Pro Scratches instead of Farm Scratches.
  • Fix an issue with the Goaler XML Output regarding 3 Star.
  • Fix an issue with the Test FTP Connection Button and create more FTP test button.
  • Fix an issue with the Test FTP Connection Button.
  • Fix multiple graphical issues in the All-Star Lines Windows.
  • The 3 Star Formula has been improved for simulation engine 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1.
  • The Players and Goalies XML now show salary for the next 10 years.
6 January 2017
  • Fix a small issue with the Draft Pick Year Information in the XML.
  • Fix a very rare issue where Partial Auto Lines Function was not fixing the Line Time % after you change your league maximum Time %.
  • Fix a visual error in the Lines up windows where players where show and they shouldn’t.
  • Fix an issue in the Legacy HTML Top 5 Webpage where the order was GAA but the data show PCT. Now, everything is now GAA.
  • Fix an issue when you had more than 32,000 league transactions or team transactions.
  • Fix an issue where the "Reset Pro Team Popularity" and "Reset Farm Team Popularity" manual commands were not available.
  • Fix an issue where the option “Remove ‘Exclude Salary Cap’ at 95 of Condition” was not apply correctly in the off-season.
  • Fix an issue where you couldn’t put 0 in the “Pro Salary in Farm / 1 Way Contract Salary Cap %” option.
  • Fix some English grammatical error.
  • The Box Score now show the number of assists had when he had a new one. For example, before “Team 11 , Jiri Hudler 1 (Andrew Ladd, Jacob Trouba) at 2:29”; now “Team 25 , Tyler Johnson 23 (Marian Hossa 17) at 18:18”
  • The STHS and HTML website now show the difference between those two free agents type : RFA (Restricted Free Agents) versus ELC (Entry Level Contract).
10 September 2016
  • Add a new option call ‘Fatigue doesn't count as Injuries’.
  • Fix a couple of small issue regarding file extension.
  • Fix a minor issue with the "Pro All Player Stats" HTML output where Skaters listed in the "Pro Players Stats #2" section have farm team abbreviations instead of pro team.
  • Fix a rare issue where you could have error simulating when simulating multiple games in row.
  • Fix an issue in the Automatic Free Agents function when you try to sign an Unassigned Player who already has a contract setup.
  • Fix an issue on how the “Pro Players Total Salaries” was calculated when you had players with 1 way contract.
  • Fix an issue where the “Update on Date“ was not showing on HTML webpage.
  • Fix an issue where the option “Remove ‘Exclude Salary Cap’ at 95 of Condition” was not apply correctly in the off-season.
  • Fix an issue with the “Farm Team Players Info” Output where the Top Link menu was showing Pro Team Name instead of Farm Team Name.
  • Fix an issue with the Team History Cleaner were timestamps not correctly roll over.
  • Fix an rare issue where some finance calculated would be incorrect for some players in the off-season if they have 0 year left to their contract and the “Pro Salary in Farm / 1 Way Contract” was enable for them.
  • Fixed an issue in all simulation engines where "Checking from behind" and "Unsportsmanlike conduct" penalties were always major penalty for goalie.
  • Modify the Rerate Formula for Goalies because the current formula was given little or no rating change.

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