Experienced gm looking for a starting league. (im french!)

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Experienced gm looking for a starting league. (im french!)

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Well in the best of scenario i would like to start in a league that is beginning and with a Fantasy Draft. That would be the ultimate. But not closed on the idea of jumping in a good league that as already started.

I have experience in the last 15 yrs with different engine in 5 leagues at least. I narrowed that down to one in the last decade and been in that same league since 2008.

I like to participate and all and in the last couple of year the idea of involving myself in another league is really strong, even so right now with everything thats going on in this universe.

Let me know if your starting a new league with a fantasy draft. I you are, im in. If not tell me why i should join your already ongoing one. Timing is everything in life sometimes.


Recherche a participer a une nouvelle ligue. Si ya un fantasy draft en plus. Je suis votre homme. N'ecarte pas la possibilitee de rejoindre une ligue deja existente, mais vas falloir vraiment que sa m'accroche pour la rejoindre. On ne sais jamais. Donne moi des news. Des fois c'est vraiment une question de timing.


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