Manually Setting Winner Option

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Manually Setting Winner Option

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This may have been suggested before or may not work for a number of reasons but it could have helped my league out of a few binds so I figured I'd suggest it.

Computers crash, it's a fact of life. Programs don't save when they are supposed to or things get messed up. When that happens sims need to be re-done which is rather unfortunate for the teams involved as it could skew up what was a win and turn it into a loss. Have this at the wrong time and a technical problem ruins a teams playoff hopes. What I'm suggesting is on the simulation screen have an option to manually set the winners of games so that they could match the previous winners in the event of a re-sim.

Obviously stats would still change and that's just still an unfortunately side effect but at least teams wouldn't potentially get screwed over. This would introduce a bit of an issue where simulators could change the outcomes to their liking which would be bad but I propose a simple line added to the HTML output could fix this. The line would just have to read "Manual winner chosen: yes / no" and would make it clear if there was any foul play.


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