Défense pairs / paires de défense

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Défense pairs / paires de défense

Post by jroenick2797 »

Hi guys,

So I realize the decision making formula matters for making lines work. But what about defense pairs?

It almost seems random in terms of who plays well with who.

Logically, I'd like to put a guy with high DF together with a dman high in PH, PA and SC, but that rarely seems to work.

Any thoughts? What works for you?



Salut tout le monde,

Je sais qu'à propos des trios, la formule de décision est un facteur. Mais que faire avec les paires de défense?

Logiquement, je me dis un def avec beaucoup de DF irait bien avec un autre qui est bon en PH, PA et SC mais ça marche rarement de même.

Que fonctionne pour vous?


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Re: Défense pairs / paires de défense

Post by uubeee »

Great question. I've been playing with this very thing lately. I'll toss another wrinkle into your thinking. I have a pair that was simply amazing together as my 3rd pairing. I moved them up to the 2nd pair. No where near as good. Move them back down, and they are back to amazing.

So it's not just who to put together, but where to put them.

I've always like to put a high ST DF guy next to a high PH PA guy. And sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I suppose it would also matter what their strategy is as well. Lots to think of.

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