PFHL - Same name, same experience

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PFHL - Same name, same experience

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Hey folks! The PFHL is back again! Why change it if it isnt broken, right?

Sorry to disappoint, but we will NOT be changing our format, or having a biennial league reset just because we poo-pood in our own backyard a bit too much.

What we are, is a SIM RE-RATE LEAGUE, mostly, and we are looking for one or two new GM's to join our wait list. Our last waitlist GM, Gary, took over a team about a month ago, so it is time to find a fresh face for when the inevitable happens, and somebody gets too busy for the league.

We assume you are smart enough to read, and we have never had issues with GM's not knowing the rulebook, so there is no exam that you need to pass in order to join.
While we do want you being active, we do not count your sent lines, but instead bribe each GM with humour, fun, and the occasional naughty picture in our discord.

We wish we could insert a youtube link to show John Cena welcoming you to the league here, but we would rather spend our time helping our GM's survive and thrive through their mid-life crisis'.

NOW, if you are the type who prefers league resets every 2 years, and watching stone-cold Steve Austin crack 2 beers just to show you that your player has won the Lady Byng award, there are some leagues that are EXCELLENT at that.

We invite you to apply, join our discord(DISCORD IS MANDATORY), meet the league and feel free to ask all of our GM's anything you like, we have 100% confidence that they will recommend you join(unless they think you are an a$$, in that case, go to the other league(s).

Cheers, and hope to see you soon!
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