Too many faceoffs in 1.5 sim engine

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Too many faceoffs in 1.5 sim engine

Post by Marc the Habs Fan »

I am not sure it has any impact on how the game is played ultimately, but we switched to the 1.5 sim engine for this season and we noticed in pre-season there are a TON of faceoffs, usually 80-90 per game.

The NHL seemingly had about 58-59 faceoffs per game last year.

Any solutions to get faceoffs down to a more reasonable number?
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Re: Too many faceoffs in 1.5 sim engine

Post by SimonT »

Every simulating engine has some issue. :(
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Re: Too many faceoffs in 1.5 sim engine

Post by Owen »

I requested this a few years ago as well. It's particularly high for the first and second line centers. Too bad some of those faceoffs couldn't go into the extremely low number of shot blocks that forwards have. ;)
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