Ratings questions

Any questions related to version 2 or version 3 should be ask here. / Toutes les questions sur la version 2 ou la version 3 devraient être demandées ici.
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Ratings questions

Post by DerKommissar » Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:22 am

I've not written a post here in a looooonnngg time but you might remember me from some old posts. Anyway...I left the world of hockey simulations for four years and I'm back since last summer. A lot have changed in the STHS during that gap and I'm trying to catch up.

I'm preparing the formulas for the reratings of next summer, I've been doing this since the FHL era, and I have a few questions:

1- Concerning the goalies fatigue, if I understand correctly, the EN affect the goalie in two ways, first, during the game, using the formula found in the manual, then in the post-game fatigue formula. The game fatigue must obviously be part of that formula but is it possible to know a little more about that formula? I think that a well balanced EN, the same way that it is for the players, is vital for a realistic simulation. A good EN (i.e. fatigue factor) should prevent a goalie with good stats but only a few starts to start 60 games. It is easy (well, kind of) to fix the EN for the in-game formula but without knowing how it works in the post-game it's hard to be sure of the ratings formulas to use.

2- Am I right to say that the SC (players) is used both to know if a player shoots (decision making) and if a players scores? If so might I suggest for a version 4 to separate the two. It's not because a player doesn't shoot a lot that he doesn't score a lot. In most ratings a player who doesn't score a lot will get a low SC which means he's gonna shoot less (he probably has a SK and/or PA bigger) and when he does he's gonna score less. That is probably one of the reason why the bottom 6 guys scores less in a lot of leagues than in real life. Because the other way around is also true, a player with a good SC will shoot more (depending of SK and PA of course but you get my point) and of those shot will score more often. There's a way to tweaked that a bit by an aggressive 100 fatigue setting (i.e. EN) but, to my opinion, two separates stats would facilitate things a lot.

3- And there's the Morale issue. I never was a big fan of the MO, for a lot of reasons, and we never used it in our league. But one of the most depressing thing for me was when I read that the EX and the LD were linked to the MO! From my understanding it means that if you don't activate MO you also lose EX and LD. Am I right? Three stats for nothing. I mean, I understand the link between the two and MO, don't get me wrong, but I think that both stats could be useful outside of the MO umbrella. The EX means for a player a better management of his energy, a better anticipation. The LD means a positive influence for young players, a motivating force, things that could be put somehow in the simulator without activating the MO. Humble opinion.

4- Last question (for now): Could it be possible, without revealing big secrets, to know a little more about the way the coaches stats are used in the simulator? We know what the ones for the players and the goalies do but not the coaches. Please don't answer me the OF help the offense, etc, I know that! I want to know its used, does it work with the players (bonuses, etc) or with the settings of our line-ups strategy or what?

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Re: Ratings questions

Post by SimonT » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:51 pm

1. For goalie, the EN is only used for post-game fatigue as mention in the manual. There is no “in-game” fatigue for goalie. If you want more information, look at the “Fatigue For 100 Endurance” option.
2. You are the right. I don’t plan to create a V4 and/or create “new rating” in the STHS in the future. Sorry.
3. In the FHL era, EX and LD were only used in playoff to boost a chance of winning. A team with very high EX/LD could win any series easily with a very poor team; I did it often. Second, you need some thing in the simulator to recreate the momentum that a team has or doesn’t not over time. This is what the morale is means to be. EX and LD are rating that impact this momentum does to a team.
4. Coach and coach strategy improve players stat in game. There not much else I can say.
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